During the time of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), his enemies - ten thousand strongmen, once planned to attack him. The Muslims were then but very few. Having received the secret news of what was about to happen, the Muslims dug a very wide ditch around them for their defence so that the enemy may not attack them all of a sudden.

From the enemy side, a warrior by name 'Amr Bin Abd-e-wadd' who was very famous for his strength, courage and art of fighting, landed in the midst of these Muslims by jumping over the ditch! The Muslims lacked the courage to face him. Only the lion of Allah, Imam Ali (a.s.) came forward to challenge the intruder!

Both drew their swords and were soon locked in a fierce duel. At last, Allah bestowed victory to Imam Ali (a.s.) who threw Amr down on the ground and mounted on his chest ready to kill the arch-enemy of Islam, but before Imam Ali (a.s.) could do this, Amr spat in the face of our Imam.

Everybody around was certain that as a result of this insult, Amr would meet his death even faster still. But instead Imam Ali (a.s.) moved from Amr's chest and walked away! People around were too surprised to see why he left loose such a dangerous enemy after overpowering him. Amr attacked again and after a short while, Imam Ali (a.s.) again got control over him and this time he killed the enemy of Islam.

After the battle was over, people asked Imam Ali (a.s.) about the reason why he had spared Amr's life when he first got control over him Imam Ali (a.s.) replied, "I wanted to kill him for the sake of Allah only. He spat on me and thus made me angry. Had I killed him at that moment, it would not have been for the sake of Allah only. It would have also been for the satisfaction of my anger. So I let him free. When I controlled my anger, I killed him purely for the sake of Allah.'

To keep away from insincere and impure intentions is indeed difficult but not impossible. This is how the Ahlul Bait - people of the household of our Holy Prophet have set examples of sincere intention.

For Allah's Pleasure Only The Story of Adam