Video : Safeer-e-Hussain Part 1

Video: Safeer-e-Hussain Part 1 of 4 (Urdu)

 For propagation of true Islamic teachings and making the people aware of the evil intentions of the tyrant ruler Yazid ibn Mu`awiyah, Imam Hussein (a.s.) had sent many messengers to various parts of Islamic world of that time.

 Each messenger underwent a lot of suffering and pain to fulfill this goal of awakening the general mass against the oppressor who was ruling over people in the name of Islam. There are many messengers mentioned in the History of Islam, one of whom is Janabe Muslim Bin Aqeel.

 This video, Safeer-e-Hussain, is based on one of the messenger of Imam Hussein (A.S.) to Kufa whose name was Qais Ibne Musahhar. Imam Hussein (AS) gave a message to Qais Ibne Musahhar so that he can convey it to the people of Kufa. In this message, Imam(A.S.) had signaled his arrival in Kufa.

 Therefore the Yazidi forces were searching for this messenger so as to prevent him from accomplishing his mission. Through a great deal of hardship and pain Qais Ibne Musahhar at last succeed in his mission at the cost of his life. This is a beautiful representation of complete journey of Qais Ibne Musahhar, The Safeer of Imam Hussein (A.S.)


Video: Safeer-e-Hussain Part 1 of 4